Francesca degli Espinosa, Ph.D., BCBA-D, CPsycholThe ABA Clinic is the consultancy of Dr. Francesca degli Espinosa, an applied behaviour analyst and chartered psychologist with more than 16 years’ experience of  designing and delivering clinical intervention and professional training in the fields of autism and challenging behaviour. Located in Southampton, UK, the ABA Clinic integrates dedicated professional space with high quality residential accommodation to provide a full range of assessment and training services to families and clinicians of children with autism.

For Families

Typically, parents will stay at the clinic for two or three days with their child and up to two members of their child’s clinical team to receive a comprehensive behavioural and educational evaluation of their child’s skills and needs. During the evaluation, a range of standardised and behavioural assessments will be conducted as the basis for detailed clinical recommendations delivered both verbally during the residential period and in a subsequent written report that can be used, if required, for statementing purposes.

For ABA Professionals

Residential accommodation and personalised training services are available to small groups of up to five behavioural clinicians who are working toward BCBA certification, or who wish to receive personal coaching in advanced practical and theoretical aspects of applied behaviour analysis.